Beka – Ugly Location Shoot

I've known Beka for almost 8 years now. I've watched her grow up into a beautiful young lady and I'm loving spending time with her even more now. We get to have real conversations and I can share some nitty gritty life experiences I've had or choices I've made and she will understand the real … Continue reading Beka – Ugly Location Shoot


Kileigh – Downtown Salt Lake City

Passionate. Driven. Fierce. Kind. Advocate. There are many words I could use to describe this lady. But honestly, friend is my favorite. I've known Kileigh for almost 5 years now, though it seems like a lifetime. We've seen our share of many adventures, heartbreaks, laughter, and exciting moments. When I decided to chase my dream and passion of photography, Kileigh gladly volunteered to model for … Continue reading Kileigh – Downtown Salt Lake City