Kileigh – Downtown Salt Lake City


Passionate. Driven. Fierce. Kind. Advocate. There are many words I could use to describe this lady. But honestly, friend is my favorite. I’ve known Kileigh for almost 5 years now, though it seems like a lifetime. We’ve seen our share of many adventures, heartbreaks, laughter, and exciting moments.


When I decided to chase my dream and passion of photography, Kileigh gladly volunteered to model for me. That first photo shoot… oh man. They were so awful due to inexperienced and overconfident photographer. She was stunning in a white dress and fishnets with black military boots.  I’m still regretting I could not capture everything that I saw at that point in my photography endeavors.


Fast forward to last fall and I told her I want to do an urban styled shoot and go look for graffiti walls. I also needed a really amazing model. Good thing I have an amazing friend who got my vision and spent an afternoon in downtown Salt Lake City with me. We found hidden gems, met some new people, and now I get to show off my gorgeous friend slay the streets and walls of Salt Lake City!






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