Creative Shoot – Coffee Shop/Ugly Location

I've decided 2019 is the year I do more creative side projects. Challenge myself in some ways, but in others to do more things for myself. This little session was half getting to do that and the other half was doing a bit of mentoring to a new photographer. My friend Kileigh as always was … Continue reading Creative Shoot – Coffee Shop/Ugly Location


Family BBQ – Personal

It's always nice regrouping with the whole family. In my own life, that doesn't happen very often,  maybe 3 times a year. And there's always someone missing due to work or travel or this, that, and the other. But this last weekend every one of us, 30 total!, made it to the family bbq and … Continue reading Family BBQ – Personal

Beka – Ugly Location Shoot

I've known Beka for almost 8 years now. I've watched her grow up into a beautiful young lady and I'm loving spending time with her even more now. We get to have real conversations and I can share some nitty gritty life experiences I've had or choices I've made and she will understand the real … Continue reading Beka – Ugly Location Shoot

Kileigh – Downtown Salt Lake City

Passionate. Driven. Fierce. Kind. Advocate. There are many words I could use to describe this lady. But honestly, friend is my favorite. I've known Kileigh for almost 5 years now, though it seems like a lifetime. We've seen our share of many adventures, heartbreaks, laughter, and exciting moments. When I decided to chase my dream and passion of photography, Kileigh gladly volunteered to model for … Continue reading Kileigh – Downtown Salt Lake City